Bedroom Furniture for Looks and Function

fbfbdfnfdFew additions to your bedroom define the space more than the bedroom furniture set you purchase. Bedroom furniture is something that, when chosen wisely, gives your bedroom character and compliments your personality and tastes. Of course, choosing the right furniture can also make a huge difference when it comes to maximizing space usage and storage, so it’s important to take into account both your needs and desires before you purchase a new bedroom furniture set.

Basic Bedroom Design
The right bedroom design for you varies depending on what you use your bedroom for. Is just a place where you sleep away the night? In that case focus on the bed and little else. If you’re like most homeowners, however, the bedroom has become a multi-purpose space. Avid readers probably will want to incorporate a nightstand and bookshelves into their design plan, while movie buffs and television addicts should explore television wall mounts or T.V. stands. Fashion devotees probably need to consider larger clothes storage needs, and purchase the appropriate wardrobes, dressers, and other storage solutions. Before you start shopping, sit down and make a list of what your bedroom

Big and Small Home Renovation Ideas

cznfhmhHome renovation is a large, lumbering term that can encompass many different kinds of home improvement projects. While home renovation and home remodeling are similar terms and overlap in any number of different areas, there also conceptual differences. Home renovation involves repairing and/or upgrading your home to increase its amenities, functionality and energy-efficiency. Home remodeling is often more about upgrading décor, style, space and fixtures.

In the bathroom, for example, replacing your old laminate countertop with a new granite counter is home remodeling. Installing a bathroom ventilation fan is a home renovation. Major home remodeling projects often involve elements of home renovation, but neither kind of project necessarily means you have to spend a fortune. Both projects will add value to your home.

Home renovations come in many different shapes and sizes. Here’s a brief list of home renovation ideas for small and major investments in your home.

Doors and Windows
One of the most popular home renovation ideas is replacement doors and windows. Relatively cheap — replacing a door can cost around $800 — upgrading these small areas

Im Dreaming of a Home Improvement for the Holidays

fdhfmhgkIf you haven’t dropped your letter to Santa in the mail yet, it’s time to grab a pen and a pad of paper and get to it. No holding back, either. Anybody who says that Santa can’t fit a solid slab granite countertop into your stocking clearly hasn’t spent enough time at the North Pole. Here’s our list of the 6 dreamiest holiday home improvements found in Santa’s Workshop, along with some ideas for how you can pull out all the stops.

    • Kitchen Remodel—As the heart of the American home, few remodels make more sense than a new kitchen. Even better, there isn’t another room in your house more packed with possibility. Custom cabinetry blends innovative storage solutions and cabinetry design with hand crafted beauty, solid slab granite countertops are guaranteed to stop dinner guests in their tracks, and cutting edge appliances make using a new kitchen a delightful experience. Throw in new flooring, paint, lighting, and that kitchen island you’ve always dreamed of, and this is one home remodel that’s tough to top.

    • Backyard Spa—What do you think Santa does after squeezing his robust frame

Indicators of Quality Craftsmanship

The average price of furniture repair is $150. Although it doesn’t make sense to spend $250 to extend the life of your $400 couch for three years, with very high quality furniture, the couple hundred bucks it costs to extend the life of the piece for decades is a far cry from what it will cost to replace it. If you are considering replacing your existing furniture, here are a few telltale signs that repair is just as good (if not better) an investment.

1. It has been around forever.
If a piece of furniture has survived in previous homes, there’s a good chance it’s worth fixing. Even if the piece is less than attractive in its current condition, furniture that has already gone the distance is likely to do it again if properly repaired.

2. It is made of quality materials.
Tables and chairs made of solid wood can last for generations. Furniture upholstered in leather can actually grow more appealing with age. On the other hand, furniture covered in cheap fabric or constructed from man-made board rather than solid wood can age quickly. It can be difficult to distinguish between a quality material and sub-par if you don’t know what

Why You Should Make Use Of An Air Conditioning Installation Company

The majority folks have enjoyed the advantages of air-con (AC) at it slow or another in our lives however this doesn’t mean we have a tendency to ar consultants once it involves cooling installation. Air conditioners will be dearly-won devices, not just to get however in terms of electrical bills, as a result of air-con units tend to want a great deal of electricity to operate. However, there’s the way to not solely realize Associate in Nursing cooling that’s suited to your wants however one that’s efficient further Associate in Nursingd this can be by partaking the services of an air-con installation company.

When it involves air conditioners, the most affordable isn’t perpetually the most effective as a result of an inexpensive build isn’t essentially energy-efficient. The new ‘green’ models of cooling that ar coming back onto the market these days ar by no means that the most affordable units you’ll be able to get in terms of retail value. However, they’re specially designed to be a great deal additional energy-efficient than their predecessors that doubtless interprets into a saving on energy bills within the end of the day. Therefore, if you’re curious about deed a inexperienced cooling then it might

Roof Repair Contractors Must Have Good Etiquette and Warranties

Whenever we invest in one thing, we continually wish to build positive it stays in good shape all the time. When it comes to your home we tend to all shrewdness necessary correct maintenance and repairs will be. Roofing problems square measure some of the foremost common maintenance issues householders encounter from time to time. Gutters or a roof for example can value you thousands of greenback to repair if not upheld properly. The issue is that it’s very tough for householders to play craftsman as a result of lack of technical experience on the matter. Hence, most homeowners take hiring professional contractors for the work. However, as concerned and concerned householders, how do we tend to check that that professional roofers do their job well? What square measure the signs of a real reliable and respectable roofing expert?

Transparent concerning their rating – once hiring specialists to work on repairs for your house, one of the most concerns you’ll presumably have is that the service fees. Nowadays, it can be tough to seek out Associate in Nursing professional WHO can allow you to shrewdness they set their costs. A reputable craftsman but, will justify however abundant of his/her service charge

Shopping for an Outdoor Furniture Cover

You’d think shopping for furniture covers for your outdoor furniture would be pretty straightforward. That’s not necessarily the case. There are, in fact, a number of things you’ll want to consider before your making your purchase to ensure your new outdoor furniture cover will keep your furniture looking brand new as long as possible.

Make Sure It’s Thick Enough to Keep Out UV Rays
While harsh weather certainly takes its toll, the biggest threat to outdoor furniture is actually the sun. Harmful UV rays fade colors, turn some materials dry and brittle, and can degrade fabrics. That being the case, it’s important that you purchase an outdoor furniture cover that is thick enough to eliminate sun damage altogether.

Is It Waterproof?
Sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many outdoor furniture covers are just “water resistant.” These covers perform well in a passing drizzle, but if they get hit with an all night thunderstorm or a six-inch snow that sits on them for weeks or months, they actually soak up the water and end up doing more harm than good. A waterproof cover will repel water completely so that there’s no chance of water damaging your outdoor furniture whatsoever.


Beauty and Simplicity of Shaker Style Furniture

If you like furniture with lots of curves and ornate decoration, then you’re barking up the wrong tree with shaker furniture. Unlike furniture styles that attempt to win you over with fancy millwork and detailed carvings, Shaker style furniture is known for exactly the opposite: its simple, utilitarian design. On the other hand, it’s exactly that modest, yet beautiful, look of shaker furniture that is responsible for making it so popular with American homeowners and designers alike.

Shaker Style Furniture: a History
Shaker furniture has changed little since it’s inception in the late 1700’s by a Christian denomination (the Shakers) that stressed beliefs of simplicity and efficiency. Their furniture reflected their values, as did their high level of craftsmanship. The resulting designs were functional, well built, and beautiful in their understatement. Those same traits remain the trademarks of shaker style furniture to this day, and spotting quality shaker furniture is simply a matter of knowing what to look for.

Shaker Furniture 101
If you’re interested in decorating your home with shaker style furniture, there’s several building styles and design elements you’ll want to get up on your radar screen. The first thing to look for is straight, uniform lines. You won’t find

Built In Desks and Furniture for Small Spaces

No matter the size of your property, optimizing the space you have can be a challenge. In smaller properties, however, the lack of available space can become an especially difficult problem. While you can go the route of limiting the amount of things you put into each room or simply deal with a large amount of clutter, built-in furniture is an option that will save valuable floor space, while letting you keep the room fully functional.

Murphy Beds and Loft Beds
Aside from adding a unique look to a room, built-in furniture like Murphy and loft beds can truly make the difference between a bedroom that’s way too small, and one where everything has a place. Loft beds and Murphy beds can often be fitted with a mattress of your choosing, and can make a huge difference in a cramped space. These kinds of beds, since they are designed to save space, are often fitted with other features such as cabinetry or desks.

Built-In Desks
You don’t need a home office or a spare room to set up a pleasant and organized work space. Installing a built-in desk into a kitchen, a spare bedroom, or even under a staircase is a great

The Dish on Dining Room Decorating

Dining room decorating or formal room makeover is one household task where it’s okay to get a little formal. The dining room is, after all, meant for more elegant entertaining than a living room or den. It should show off the best your home has to offer, but still remain comfortable enough for company to feel at home. The best dining room decorating is definitely about appearances, but it’s also about eating. Keeping a balance of these two functions will ensure great everyday meals and include enough flash for any special occasion.

Dining Room Design
Well-planned dining room design is essential for the room to be its best. What you can do will depend heavily on the amount of space you start with.

In a larger dining room, you have a lot more leeway as to where everything should go and what items should be included. Here, you’ve got the space for a buffet (when entertaining, probably the most convenient piece of furniture you can put in a dining room, other than a table and chairs). There’s also room for a china cabinet, which will both look nice and be convenient for service as well as storage.

Dining room design is difficult for

Weigh your Options with Solarium Furniture

Choosing the right solarium furniture is a tougher task than it sounds. The right solarium and conservatory furniture depends a lot on the design and formality of the sunroom you’ve had built onto your home. And because design can vary from a simple straight eave sunroom to an elaborate Victorian conservatory, there aren’t any set formulas to follow when it comes to outfitting your new sunroom addition with the proper solarium furniture.

How Formal is your Solarium?
Sunrooms can cover a wide range of designs, from closed in patios to luxurious home additions. Honestly, evaluate what type of sunroom you have, and that will give you a head start as to what type of conservatory furniture is going to work best for you. Do you need a wrought iron patio table and matching chairs, or is a formal oak dining set a better match? Believe it or not, both of these options can be the perfect fit, depending on the nature of the structure you’ve built and the types of solarium furniture that catch your fancy.

How do you Use your Sunroom?
Another way to help you choose the right conservatory furniture for you is to take a close look

Elegant Dining Room Set Ideas

In many modern households, eating occurs all over the place. Kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms are often where meals happen on a daily basis, while the dining room is reserved for special occasions. When it’s time to pull out the fine china and silverware, it’s nice to have a dining room set that will look just as good.

The Basic Dining Room Set
The most simplistic dining room furniture set is nothing more than a table and a few chairs. If the room is small, that’s probably all you want in it. The most important aspect of a nice meal is having enough room for everyone present to be comfortable. When dealing with limited space, the best way to get elegance is to keep it simple.

For small rooms, a dining room set is much easier on the budget than it would be for a large room. Since there are fewer pieces of furniture to purchase, many people don’t mind paying a little extra for each item. In this case, quality is preferable to quantity.

Formal Dining Room Furniture Sets
A formal dining room set can be rather expensive and will definitely require a descent amount of space. However, for those with

Home Renovating Making your Home Renovation Pay Off

Home renovating is a tricky business. Most homeowners dream big, and it’s not unusual for a homeowner’s list of wants to push the limits of what’s realistic to take on. When deciding which renovation is best for your home, you should be asking a few questions. First, what type of renovation does your home need? Two, which renovations are going to add the most value to your home? Finding a balance between these two is where you’ll likely find the best returns financially and on a personal level. Here are some ideas to help.

Which House Renovating Projects Pay out and what’s Popular?
Start out by getting to know home renovating. Research the web, pick up some building and design magazines, check out some books from the library and watch all the home improvement TV you possibly can. You’ll quickly learn that kitchen and bathroom remodels will add the most value to your home, basement remodeling can be a great way to add a lot of square footage without a major addition, and aging-in-place (remodeling to accommodate aging adults) is the fastest growing remodeling trend in the business. Take it a step further by talking to several local contractors and

Remodeling Why You Need a Residential Designer

Many homeowners planning to remodel their kitchen or bathroom are often surprised when asked if they have plans for their project. When building a home addition, these plans become even more important. While a contractor may be able to draw a set of building plans, residential designers are specialists who are trained to use space efficiently and are educated in all the newest trends and available products available. Not only do residential designers draw plans, they also spend time with each client to determine their specific needs, lifestyles, priorities and budgets to design a custom room, addition or entire home.

Why seek out a residential designer to design my remodeling plans when so many contractors offer free design advice as part of their bid service?
Contractors generally tend to fill a client’s requests in the most straightforward manner possible, keeping things simple to avoid confusion or spending any more time than is necessary. Getting the job and building it are their top priorities. By contrast, the residential designer will sit down with you and work out your design puzzle in its entirety, with the emphasis on finding the best solution rather than the most obvious. Helping you understand the complexities

The Beauty of Built-In Furniture

When most homeowners think of built-in furniture, bookshelves and cleverly disguised storage spaces come to mind. The truth is the sky’s the limit when it comes these space saving designs. Kitchen nooks, beds, built in desks, and entertainment centers are just a few of the innovations that built in furniture can bring to your home. If you’ve got a nook, cranny or even an entire wall that you’d like to transform into a more useful space, there’s a craftsman out there who can help you turn your dream into reality.

Saving Space
Perhaps the most attractive feature of this innovative furniture is how it utilizes space that normal building practices ignore. Your home is full of underutilized space: between walls, rooms, beneath stairs, under beds, around the fireplace, you name it. It’s understandable, of course. For the unenlightened homeowner, the idea of adding stand alone furniture to these areas just means more clutter and less living space. The beauty of built-in furniture, however, is that it takes advantage of these overlooked spaces and transforms them into valuable areas in the home without drastically taking away from the open space that you value and enjoy.

Not Just For Cramped Quarters
Built in furniture

Room By Room Stress Reducers for Your Home

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can be linked to a whole slew of problems including chest pain, high blood pressure, depression, crying spells, and relationship conflict. The Institute of Science, Technology, and Public Policy (ISTPP) tells us that, “Ninety percent of disease is caused or complicated by stress.” Obviously, stress is something that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if it affects us where we should be feeling our best: at home.

Enhance Your Bedroom to Reduce Stress
Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of reducing stress in our everyday lives. Factors like light, noise, and temperature can easily have a profound effect on how we sleep. If you have problems with too much noise when you sleep, consider installing some sound dampening material on your walls and ceiling. If too much light leaks into your windows, try replacing your existing window dressing with blackout curtains. Installing a small heater and/or air conditioning unit where you sleep can give you control over how your bedroom feels no matter what the rest of the house is like.

Get Your Exercise at Home
In some climates, going outdoors is not always the most pleasant experience in the world. The

Dont Skip the Most Important Remodeling Step

For major projects and renovations the first remodeling step is likely to be an evaluation of your home’s floor plan. Homeowners looking to build a custom home or planning a major remodel or addition could avoid critical and often costly design mistakes if only they spent as much time considering the floor plan as they do choosing paint colors, tile, light fixtures or flooring. Too often, when homeowners hear the term “floor plan,” they think of nothing more than square footage and wall dimensions. It’s thinking like this that leaves huge gaps in the functional efficiency of a home and requires substantial and expensive remodeling in the first place.

Remodeling Steps for Enhanced Room Design
Although people may not think they understand residential design because they can’t visualize how plans on paper will turn out when built, everyone can identify with the frustration of an improperly placed light switch, inadequate storage or a dysfunctional kitchen or utility room. We’ve all seen fancy bloated entryways that are too big, game rooms that are too small to hold a standard pool table, and backyard patio doors that open on to easy-to-stain carpeting instead of easy-to-clean flooring. Whether homeowners choose to live with these

You Cant Go Wrong with Antique Bedroom Furniture

Few furniture choices are more beautiful, classy, and distinct than antique bedroom furniture. Whether you’re looking for a specific style antique dresser, a wardrobe, armoire, bed, or other specific piece, antique bedroom furniture is a great choice for a number of reasons.

Hand Crafted Quality
While the looks of an antique are tough to beat, they are also built of top-notch craftsmanship and materials. Since many antiques were built by hand before technological advances made mass-producing furniture a regular practice, most antiques are of a quality that is hard to find outside of furniture built by custom furniture builders. The cost of custom-built furniture averages around $2,000, but with age it potentially decreases in value. Of course, you’ll want to inspect the furniture carefully before you buy, since some antiques have experienced rough times along the way, but if they’ve survived this long there’s a good chance they’ll hang in there for quite a few years more.

They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore . . .
Another reason many homeowners choose antique furniture is the pure originality of so many pieces. As society changes, so does our furniture needs, and it’s always fun to have a piece of bedroom furniture

To Remodel or Not 5 Deciding Factors

For most of us, homes are not only where we live but also our single biggest investment. As a living space, a home’s design and condition impact our lives day in and day out. As an investment, we seek to preserve and enhance value in the marketplace.

When considering remodeling and improvement projects, we must consider both roles. In general, a well-maintained home yields better day-to-day service and long-term financial returns. Taking care of repairs as they arise makes sense, so problems are solved while still small, and the home remains a safe and comfortable place in which to live. Renovations, remodeling and other major home improvements are more complex.

The best starting point is your own home improvement needs. How much more do you think you will enjoy your home if you remodel or put in an addition? How long do you think you’ll stay in the house?

If you are planning to stay in the house ten years or more, most of your decision should be made based on how much the enhancements will improve your lifestyle.

If your length of stay is shorter, uncertain, or a contemplated project is quite large, you have to pay more attention to the improvement’s impact

Nesting Tables 3 in 1 Furniture

Have you ever seen those Russian stacking dolls where one set of figurines rests inside another, diminishing in size as they reach towards the middle? This is the concept behind nesting tables, which usually consist of three differently sized tables, each one just small enough to literally nest underneath the other. Typically small to begin with, these stylish tables often incorporate a sleek, modern design and have become quite trendy in the last few years. And though they can certainly be functional to some degree, they are more often than not intended for their looks and aesthetic appeal.

Chic Sticker Shock
We all want to keep up on the latest trends. We want to stay hip and fashionable. But this always comes with a price. Nesting tables are no exception. They’re beautiful and elegant, but since they’re mostly decorative and uniquely designed, they also come with a hefty price tag. They can run anywhere from $100-$400 depending on their size, shape, intricacy, and material. However, you don’t want to think about these items as just tables to rest decorations upon. Instead, they are the decoration itself; they act as much as part of the décor as any other ornament or knick-knack.


Protect Your Textiles with a Cedar Chest

The traditional cedar chest is a classic piece of furniture that also serves a valuable function. From an aesthetic standpoint, few rooms feel complete without these timeless pieces incorporated somewhere into the overall design. Whether you buy your chest from a furniture warehouse, or have it custom built by a fine furniture builder, the air of tradition and down home warmth they add to any space is hard to beat. Looks aren’t the main reason these chests have become a fixture in the American home, however. Storing natural-based fabrics in a cedar chest is one of the most sure-fire ways to protect them from insect infestation and other damage.

It’s All about the Oil
The reason cedar chests are so effective at keeping your blankets, clothes and other fabrics insect free is a direct result of the oil in the wood. The oil in cedar naturally repels insects that feast on organic based fabrics such as cotton and wool. That same oil also repels water and moisture, keeping your clothes free of fungus and other decay that can work to break down the integrity of cloth materials. To top it off, cedar oil also smells great, making it a much more

Detroit Basement Remodeling Storage and Luxury

It’s not hard to understand why basement remodels are one of the wisest major home improvements you can undertake: It provides the same benefits and extra living space as a home addition, at a fraction of the cost. Naturally, this translates into a home improvement that can pay dividends when it comes time to sell your home. It’s impossible to predict just how much of a difference it might make with the current housing crisis, but there’s a decent chance if you’re willing to wait for the market to rebound, you’ll be in good shape.

Three Steps to Detroit Basement Remodels

  • Basement Prep: Many homeowners who have an unfinished basement use their basement for storage. It makes sense until you decide to remodel and realize just what a mess you have on your hands. Naturally, the basement must be cleared out before it can remodeled. You might be able to find a full-service Detroit basement remodeling company who will take care of this for you, but it’s usually not the best option. If you simply can’t or don’t want to clean the basement out yourself, you can hire a cleaning company to come in before the more technically-skilled contractors arrive. Most homeowners